Political Differences

What are political differences and why is there such a push in the MSM (Main Stream Media) to divide people based on their political views, whether it’s Republicans vs Democrats, Liberals vs Conservatives, Pro Life vs Pro Choice or even the gender crap that has been going on.

Well, in my opinion it’s a prelude to a potential civil war, where at some point the division gets so great, people will rise against one another like they did back in the day.

United States as a people has a history of various types of hate, inequality and other dividing issues, that led to violence in many cases like protests, hate crimes and police brutality.

Just a word of caution… Try to see through the “events” on the news and get to the bottom of why would they want to report that to you, otherwise called the narrative.

As always, The Falangist is here to be a neutral viewer, but as you already know, everyone has their own opinions.